Your Dispensaries Road to Success

LeafDrop is a fully integrated niche digital platform. We make it easier to connect with your patients and create meaningful transactions.  

We’re more than just an ordering and reservation platform, we give owners and managers a new look at their dispensaries operations and trends.

How it Works

  • Browse

    Search through strains, dispensaries and reviews. Consumers can easily connect with the product they are looking for or discover something new.

  • Order/Reserve

    Order in jurisdictions where allowed, or skip the lines with a reservation. Never worry about your dispensaries stock because now you know.

  • Delivery/Pickup

    Track your order as its on its way so you know exactly when to expect it.

  • Review

    Share your experience with others around the world. We recycle this data to help consumers and bud tenders navigate strains and products.


Leaf Drop implements the TrackStar RFID engine as a core module to our platform. By incorporating a market mature, tried and true code base we can offer our customer access to one of the most advanced data processing platforms. With more than 5 trillion data points on record, TrackStar is robust and tested system to bring your business an unprecedented level of visibility.

Map real time location and status of resources such as staff, plants and assets simply attaching a low-cost RFID tag. Uses internet of things’ low cost sensors and infrastructure to track your workflow and processes. Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to create new best practices derived from empirical data describing your operations.

The TrackStar improvements are transformational.

Location Engine

Pinpoints resources such as employees, plants, products or equipment on a real-time floorplan. Stop wasting time looking for a lost equipment, a critical employee or

Report Module

Shows trends and KPI (key performance indicators) to facilitate results.  Correlate incremental changes to gains in production and yield.

Event Notification

Triggers on user rules to alert abnormal conditions and workflow bottlenecks. A tool to help the entire enterpise work smarter not harder! Use this to do more with less!

Real Time Tracking

Makes it easy to see resources or people patterns/ utilization.  As an example of this capability it gives forensic analysis to to understand a record yield.

Fantastic Features

Mobile Storefront

Mobile usage reaches new heights quarterly. With Leaf Drop your dispensary now has home directly in the hands of consumers.


Real-time visibility into trending products gives you the insight to know what consumers want and when. Bud tenders will love our in depth strain understanding.


In a an ever growing sea of strains, products and changing consumer behaviors being able to detect and react accordingly adds to the bottom line.


Integrate Leaf Drop directly into you S2S platform, with seamless integration you can increase ROI on existing software investments.


Whether it’s coordinating your delivery pipeline or adjusting product exposure to move stock, Leaf Drop helps make your day to day operations more productive.


With the ever changing regulatory environment Leaf Drop helps keep you compliant and even assist when it comes to audit time.

We will text you when we go live.

LeafDrop is current in closed development. We will text you when we go live, we can’t wait to show you what we have been working on!



A whole new world of Cannabis culture, new and politics await.