URB Tropical Lush Delta 8 Gummy Review! Everything you need to know.

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URB is a cutting edge company that provides a professional and effective product. Today we cover URB Tropical Lush gummies. With a selection of flavors, as well as vegan gummy options, the URB team really has the customer in mind. This is one flavor option available in LeafDrop's Gummy page.

URB Tropical Lush Delta 8 THC Gummies

URB Tropical Lush Delta 8 Gummy Review! Everything you need to know. leafdrop urb tropical lush banner final1

URB Tropical Lush Gummies Description

URB is a cutting-edge CBD company that provides a delicious and effective product. Their line of gummies boast a competitive value and great flavor to match. URB has also taken steps to make their product accessible for those with health sensitivities. They are advertised as vegan and do not compromise on flavor! Today, we take a look at URB Tropical Lush Gummies, and we still have many more flavors to choose from! Continue reading to get every detail you’re looking for on URB Tropical Lush Gummies!

First Impressions

I received my package of URB Gummies in the mail, and was pleasantly surprised with what I received. Upon holding the container in my hand, I found the packaging to be professional and clean. It looks like thought and time was put into the presentation of this product, which I appreciate as a customer. After breaking the safety seal, I opened the package to find 10 delicious translucent orange gummies. I started with two pieces (50Mg) as an introduction to this product and was surprised at what I found.




Review Criteria: URB Tropical Lush


When I read the name “Tropical Lush” I definitely expected a citrus flavor. I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted it was Mango! The gummy did an excellent job at resembling the flavor and tasted delicious throughout. After trying the first gummy, I reached for another in large-part because they tasted so good. The URB gummies definitely impressed me with their flavor profile.


For my first URB Delta 8 edible experience, the effects began to set in after roughly 30 minutes. I began to feel a slight tingling in my body and a mild calming sensation. 45 minutes into this experience was when the full effects began to kick in. Overall, the first half of the effects of these gummies were relaxing and uplifting. It kicked in gradually and pleasantly, which I appreciated. I did not feel any discomfort while on this product and only began to feel drowsy towards the end of the gummies effect.


Considering the dosage of my first experience, I would say the strength of the gummies delivered. The full on-set of the product began about 45 minutes to an hour into the experience. At its height, the effects resembled a body relief reminiscent of higher doses of CBD. While I am a more seasoned consumer of CBD products, I believe that One 25 Mg Gummy would be enough for most people, with as little as half of a single gummy being suitable for some.


After becoming familiar with these gummies, I decided to delve into larger dosages. The most I consumed in one sitting was 4 gummies (100Mg). I would consider four gummies to be thoroughly effective. This gave me quite a memorable experience and a great night’s sleep.


URB Tropical Lush Delta 8 Gummy Review! Everything you need to know. leafdrop festival party lifestyle final1

Overall Value

After considering the details of the product, I would say URB Tropical Lush Gummies provided a good value. The product was effective and tasted good in the process. I would recommend these gummies to anyone interested in a vegan option that does not compromise on flavor or content. This product would be useful for older age groups or active life-styles alike! 

Overall Impression: In my experience, the URB Gummy product line has continued to deliver from beginning to end. Each flavor is unique and tasty, and Tropical Lush is a welcome option in their line-up. I am happy with both the quality and value URB brings to the table, and will continue to try their products in the future!

I give the URB Tropical Lush Gummies an overall 4/5 stars!

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